Salvia Coffee

Salvia Coffee
サルビア コーヒー

HIGHLIGHT: A small, cozy cafe. The slightly dim lighting and antique atmosphere makes it the perfect place to relax with a hot cup of coffee. The entire shop smells like fresh coffee beans, as they are roasted and ground by the cafe staff themselves. You can even buy coffee beans to take home!

RECOMMENDED: In addition to a fresh cup of coffee, try ordering something off the dessert menu (especially the seasonal pieces!) They also have a lunch menu.

(Thurs~Tues) 10:30am~7:00pm
Closed Wednesdays
(main location) 0470-23-2341
(second location) 0470-23-6464

(main location) Tateyama City, Hojo 2576
4 minute walk from JR Tateyama Station

PARKING: The parking lot is very small in front of the shop, but there was a sign on the door that said you can use 森田駐車場 (Morita Parking lot), which is located diagonally across the cafe (across the train tracks), for free.

(second location) Tateyama City, Hojo 705

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