Roadside Station: Chikura Sea Breeze Kingdom

Roadside Station: Chikura Sea Breeze Kingdom


道の駅 千倉 潮風王国

HIGHLIGHT: This ocean-themed Roadside Station is appropriately located right along the coast of Chikura, an area that was historically a fishing community. Outside, climb aboard their Chikura-maru, a replica of a 30-ton fishing boat used in the 1950s. Inside the station, buy some of the freshest fish available at the market operated directly by the Awa Fishing Association. Or, if you’d rather have someone else prepare your food, eat some sashimi at the adjacent restaurant or grilled abalone at the outdoor seafood grill.

I highly recommend Hanabou (はな房) for their fresh raw fish. Not only are their sashimi sets beautiful, but you might even get a seat with an ocean view. (

The “Marine Catcher,” a sazae crane game

RECOMMENDED: Try your luck at this familiar game with a strange twist. Inside the Roadside Station is a crane game machine where you attempt to grab some dinner… turban shell sazae.

HOURS: 8:30am~5:00pm

PHONE: 0470-43-1811


From Tokyo: Take the Bousou Nanohana-gou (房総なのはな号) bus from Tokyo Yaesu Station and get off at Shiokaze Oukoku (潮風王国).  Not all of these buses stop at Shiokaze Oukoku so make sure you check before getting on.

From Chiba City: Take the Nansou Satomi-gou (南総里見号) bus from Chiba Station and get off at Shiokaze Oukoku (潮風王国).

From Tateyama: Take the train from Tateyama Station to Chikura Station. From Chikura Station you have to take the Shirahama-Chikura (白浜千倉) bus heading toward Awa Shirahama (安房白浜) and get off at the Okawa (大川) bus stop. (For reference, this bus stop is next to “Fish Storeなごみせ” on Google maps.) From there you have to walk about 10 minutes Southeast toward the coastline to find Seabreeze Kingdom.

ADDRESS: Minamiboso City, Chikura-chou Senda 1051

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