Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Pot

HIGHLIGHT: A cute little café that’s a bit tucked away but well loved by locals. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, the wife is a professional ama diver who gathers her own seaweed to produce agar. This fresh agar is then used in the café’s specialty: kanten, a healthy traditional dessert made with agar jelly, molasses, and fruit. The family also grows their own rice, so if you need a hearty meal, be sure to try their curry.

RECOMMENDED: If you’re visiting during turban shell sazae season, have their sazae curry made with shellfish that the wife has caught herself. If you’re visiting during strawberry season, have one of their desserts piled with sweet local strawberries.

Closed Tuesdays
PHONE: 0470-44-5552

WHERE: Minamiboso City, Chikura-chou Kotto 549-1

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