Takabe Shrine

Takabe Shrine

DO: It is appropriate that the only shrine in Japan dedicated to the god of cooking is located in Minamiboso, a treasure trove of fresh ingredients and delicious food. Many soy sauce makers, sake brewers and chefs come to pray for improvement in their skills, while fishermen pray for a good catch. Old knives can also be put to rest here.

BRIEF HISTORY: The deity enshrined here is Iwakamutsukari no mikoto. It is said that 1,800 years ago, a Japanese dignitary was traveling in the eastern region and stopped in Awa no Kuni, which is now the Minamiboso area. When one of his aides, Iwakamutsukari, prepared him a delicate dish of bonito and white clams, he was very impressed and made him his personal chef!

RECOMMENDED: A special Knife Ceremony takes place a few times a year, where a fish is prepared using just a knife and long chopsticks. Hands never touch the fish itself, as it must be kept pure in order to be offered to the gods.

WHEN (Knife Ceremony): mainly October 17th and November 23rd

WHERE: Minamiboso City, Chikura-chou Minamiasai 62

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