Shiroyama Park

Shiroyama Park


DO: This park located on a hill offers everything from flowers, peacocks, a castle, children’s park and more! Though the walk is a bit steep, it is very well worth climbing to see the view of Tateyama Bay (and Mt.Fuji if you’re lucky) from the peak. The winding landscape is decorated with narcissus flowers, plum blossoms, hydrangea and more, all blooming at different times of the year. The area is especially popular as a hanami flower viewing party location during cherry blossom season in April. You can enjoy the cherry blossoms, Tateyama castle, and the view of Tateyama City all at once.

FEE: Free to walk around. 400 yen for a ticket that allows you entrance into both the castle Hakkenden museum and the Tateyama City Museum.

PHONE: Tateyama City Construction Department Planning Division Streets and Parks Group, 0470-22-3612

BUS: You can take a bus from Tateyama Station (館山駅) to Shiroyama Park (城山公園前).

WHERE: Tateyama City, Tateyama 362


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