Mikan Orange Picking

Mikan Orange Picking

DO: In the fall and winter of Minamiboso, the hills are covered in orange-dotted trees bearing sweet mandarin oranges! These small fruits with easy-to-peel skin are a staple of Japanese winters, likely because the vitamin C wards off all those pesky colds (and they taste good). Pay the entry fee at the reception desk, and they’ll give you a map to the designated orchard. The orchard owners will then set you up with a basket and clippers, and you’re off to climb the hills in search of the sweetest mikan. There are various locations, but most offer 30-minutes of all you can eat oranges, plus a discounted price per kg for any additional ones you want to take home.

WHEN: October to December
TIME: 9:00am~3:00pm
FEE (most locations): 400 yen adults/300 yen children under elementary school age, for 30 min

Roadside Station Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato
Tel. 0470-36-4117
Minamiboso City, Kawata 82-2

Roadside Station Furari Tomiyama
Tel. 0470-57-2601
Minamiboso City, Nibu 1900

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