Takayama Seika

Takayama Seika


HIGHLIGHT: This is a small confections shop that fuses traditional Japanese sweets with Western ingredients. Their specialty is the “nama-cream daifuku,” a soft and chewy mochi rice cake that’s wrapped around a combination of whipped cream and red bean paste. It comes in over 10 flavors, some seasonal. Meanwhile, their smooth flan comes in a cute clear pot and is made with cream that comes from local dairy farms. If you’re lucky, you can see the staff making their confections from the glass window that peeks into the workshop.

RECOMMENDED: Try picking flavors of their nama-cream daifuku made with local specialties, like biwa (loquat), biwa leaf, and strawberry.

HOURS: 9:00am~7:00pm
Closed Mondays
PHONE: 0470-57-3325

WHERE: Minamiboso City, Takasaki 1355
15 minute walk from JR Iwai Station

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