Mountain Cabin Cafe: Kaze no Michi

Mountain Cabin Cafe: Kaze no Michi
山小屋カフェ 風の道

HIGHLIGHT: Climb a narrow winding road deeper into the mountains of Shirahama until you see the parking lot to this cute cabin. The wooden interior and exterior both have a very cozy feel. You can sit at their tables, or in the lounge area that feels like you’re visiting a friend’s living room. Grab lunch and get one of their Okinawan dishes like taco-rice or hot-pressed sandwiches. Or, you can skip right to dessert and choose from their great selection of cakes and tarts garnished with seasonal fruits.

RECOMMENDED: The cake and drink set for just 600 yen is a steal! The owner’s daughter, who is a trained confectioner, makes all of their desserts in-house.

9:00am ~ 5:00pm (lunch 11:30am ~ 3:00pm)
Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
PHONE: 0470-38-2736

WHERE: Minamiboso City, Shirahama-cho Shirahama 9043

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