Taibusa-Misaki Nature Park

Taibusa-Misaki Nature Park


Taibusa-misaki is a cape in Tomiura, just north of Tateyama Bay. Because of its beautiful nature, Taibusa has a park, a camp where kids can experience nature, and the swanky Tomiura Royal Hotel. It has also been named a ‘Forest Therapy Road,’ meaning it is a key place to visit to enjoy nature in Minamiboso.

Do: Walk as many of the winding, intersecting trails as you can. Some are leisurely paved trails through flat areas, while others (like the stairs leading down to the shore in various places) take a little more effort.

Check out the viewing tower and viewing platforms. There are several lookouts, each of which offers great views of the bay. You can look out over nearby Tomiura and Tateyama, and depending on the weather, you may see Mt. Fuji across the bay. The tower has a great 360 degree view.

See the remnants of military installations from when Taibusa was used for naval defense. There’s a platform that used to have cannons mounted on it and a series of underground bunkers. The old searchlight station is said to have housed the most powerful searchlight of its time (1928).

Have picnics, play frisbee, or do whatever else you like to do at parks. There are also various events hosted there.

Website: http://taibusa-misaki.jp/ (Japanese only)

Map to the parking lot:

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