Cafe Polaris

Cafe Polaris

Photos by Amy Conley ©

Polaris is a haven for any cafe-lover. They have tasty food, amazing and fresh coffee from around the world, and most importantly a very friendly and talkative staff. I would live there if I could.

Highlights: Polaris has about 30 types of coffee beans from around the world — from Latin America, to Africa, to Southeast Asia. You can read a profile of each coffee (in Japanese) to choose your bean, then you get to choose the level of roast and grind you want (on a scale from 1 to 8). You can also just describe what you like and ask for a recommendation. When you buy beans, you will get a free coffee of the day, brewed just for you, while you wait.
If you don’t make your own coffee at home, you can always order a coffee, tea, espresso, etc.

Recommended: Get the coffee of the day and a dessert, such as the owner’s homemade cheesecake. My standby is the waffle. You can’t go wrong with an ice cream and chocolate sauce-covered waffle.


Closed Tuesdays

Price: $$

Phone: 0470-23-2322

Located on the first floor of Arks Mall. 〒294-0045 Chiba Prefecture, Tateyama, Hojo, 1708

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