Reclining Buddha Statue

Jorakuzan Mantoku Temple


Photos by Amy Conley ©

Statues showing Buddha lying down, a pose that symbolizes reaching Nirvana, appear throughout Asia but are rare in Japan. This particular statue, built in 1982 on a hilltop in southern Tateyama, is among the largest of its kind. Regardless of its young age, this 16-meter, 30-ton bronze statue is quite impressive.

It’s a short walk to the top of the hill, but the view of the surrounding area is really nice. Have a look out from the viewing platform while you’re up there.

Around the statue is a looping, rectangular ramp. To show your respects at this temple, you clap your hands together once, hold them together in front of you, and wind your way up the ramp until you reach the feet of the statue. There you bow and place your hands on the feet as you pray. (I visited during New Years for hatsumoude and it was fairly busy. I was given a pamphlet and explanation of this procedure and I was also lucky enough to have a group in front of me that I could imitate.)

Hours: 9AM-5PM (Closes at 4PM November through February.) May be closed due to rain.

Access by bus: Take the Awa Shirahama-bound(安房白浜行き) bus from Tateyama Station and get off at Sunomiya(洲の宮). The temple entrance is a short walk along the road. There is a 7 Eleven beside the entrance.

By car: There is a free parking lot beside the temple entrance.

Location: 〒294-0223 Chiba Prefecture, Tateyama, Sunomiya 1571

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