Mt. Takatsukayama

Mt. Takatsukayama

Takatsukayama in Chikura is a small mountain with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. There’s also a temple to enjoy at the summit.

Do: Climb about halfway up for the first lookout, then to the summit. The climb has a lot of stairs, but the relatively short length of the trail makes it quite manageable. The temple at the top is a bit run down, but that just adds to the charm. You will also see cherry tree saplings along the trail that were planted by local school children. The trees have tags showing the children’s names and dreams for the future.

Notes: Toward the top of the mountain there are some really dodgy stairs that I slipped and nearly fell down on; it may be hard to climb down them if it has rained recently.

Parking: Park your car by the cemetery in front of the temple at the foot of the mountain. This can be hard to find because there are several cemeteries near each other that aren’t directly connected. From the main road, look for a small, wooden sign that points toward the walking course. Go up the road and you should find the cemetery with space for parking. If you still can’t find it, go back to the main road and keep turning down other roads until you reach the right one. The second map below will take you to the parking lot.

Location: Okawa, Chikura 295-0026

Map to the Parking Lot:

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