Onuki Trail

Onuki Trail

The Onuki Trail (literally “old roads of Onuki”) is a hiking path in Chikura centered around the beautiful Komatsu-ji Temple. The trail is a little rough in terms of maintenance, but that just makes it feel like a real adventure.

The Trail:

First, park at Komatsu-ji Temple and enjoy the scenery. Komatsu-ji is known for its autumn leaves, so that would be a nice time to go. There is a short trail, separate from the main one, that wraps around the pond as well.

Next, find the entrance to the mountain path. There is a stone ledge in front of the temple with a bamboo fence separating you from some dogs kept on leashes. Walk to the left along the ledge, staying out of range of the dogs (they probably aren’t dangerous, but they barked a lot and lunged at me a few times). Cross the little plank bridge to the sign marking the entrance (it says 古道入口) and take one of the sticks for the hike (When I went, we needed it to clear spider webs… a lot). It might be hard to believe, but this is the main entrance.

The path continues up to a mountain ridge and eventually takes you to a grave on a small peak. The trail is really narrow at times, with sharp drops on either side and no kind of railing, so be careful. There are progress markers along the way and the grave is around number 7 (but they’re spaced pretty erratically and really not very useful).

After enjoying the surprisingly nice view from the grave, continue along the path and down the mountain.  You will find a paved road and a place to drop off your stick. Take a left on the road to finish out the loop. There’s also a small “waterfall” along the way that you can get near, but it’s difficult to see and not terribly impressive.

Notes: The trail may not be as overgrown in other seasons, but in the early summer it was pretty rough. The hike itself is quite easy, but I found the precarious and narrow trail a little stressful (photos not available).

Location: Komatsu-ji, 295-0013 Minamiboso-shi Chikura Oonuki 1057

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