Mt. Tsumoriyama and Mt. Hitohoneyama

Mt. Tsumoriyama and Mt. Hitohoneyama

Tsumoriyama and Hitohoneyama are two mountains in Kyonan. They’re very close to each other and it only takes about 3 hours to hike the whole course. It’s a fun hike with some unexpected scenery and probably the steepest trails in the region.

The Trail:

First, there are several options for parking. You can park at Sakuma Dam (which will add about an hour to the hike), at Okuzure Public Hall (the nearest public parking lot), or by the abandoned building in front of the entrance to the Tsumoriyama trail. (See Location for maps showing each.)

Now you can start the hike up Tsumoriyama. The trail entrance is directly across from the abandoned building. There are several forks in the road before you reach anything resembling a hiking path, so you may want to memorize the name of the mountain in kanji (津森山) so you can follow the signs. Note: There is one point in the trail where you start to get into the mountains and the path is not very clearly marked. There will be a sign on the left that seems to point straight forward, but the trail actually goes to the left. If you go straight instead, there will be no more signs but you can get back on the path by continuing up the steep hill to the left, taking a left at the top of the hill, and a right on the small road once you get there.

The road takes you into what looks like private farm land, then there’s an entrance to the trail to the summit on the left.

Now you will come to the surprising scenery. The trail opens up into a meadow that looks more European than Japanese. Next, continue up to the summit and enjoy the view. There’s a separate viewing spot from which you are supposed to be able to see Mt. Fuji on a clear day. There appear to be other trails, but go back down the way you came to keep on course for Hitohoneyama.

Once you get back down to the road, head left to continue toward Hitohoneyama. There will be some places where the trail isn’t clear, but if you keep heading downhill, you should get there. There will eventually be a fork in the road with Kamogawa to the left, go right here. The entrance to the next mountain will be on the left after a little while. You have to go down a small farm road that leads between some fields then back up between some houses. If you get back to the abandoned building with the parking space, you’ve gone to far.

There will be a couple of forks in the road, so make sure to follow the signs for Hitohoneyama (人骨山). This trail is not well maintained whatsoever, so find a stick along the way to clear spider webs. The final climb to the summit is pretty interesting in that it’s so steep and muddy that they have installed a rope along the path to help pull yourself up with. It really feels like you’re climbing a mountain!

津森山、人骨山 平成27年7月12日_4704The summit seems to have been lost to time, with tall grass having taken over. If you can hack your way through the plants, you will find the summit marker and a flagpole with some old, tattered Children’s Day carp streamers on it. Now go back down the mountain and continue the loop back to where you parked.


Sakuma Dam

Okuzure Public Hall

Abandoned building with small parking area

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