Nansouan (Soba restaurant)


This small, two-story noodle restaurant has a mysterious way of making you feel like you’re in ancient Japan. The tables are made of real wood that still retain their uneven texture, and the stools are tree stumps with a cushion. (You think they’re fake until you try to move one!) Beside the windows there is a tatami area for groups to enjoy the scenery outside. Lanterns hang from the straw ceiling (is it real straw?) and a pot of hot water and ladle are available for you to pour your own fresh tea.

Their awabi soba (buckwheat noodles with abalone) [pictured left] is a big hit there. It costs ¥2,090. I haven’t had it yet, but I really enjoyed the nabeyaki udon (hot pot noodles) [pictured right], which was ¥940.

Price: $$

Hours: 10:30 am ~ 7 pm, Closed Thursdays

Address: 2920-2 Chikuracho Seto Minamiboso Chiba
*Not far from Takabe Shrine, so it would be a good place to grab lunch if you plan to go sight-seeing.

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