Top 5 Beach Views in the Boso

  1. Nojimazaki Lighthouse & Surrounding Park

My personal favorite coastal spot in all of southern Chiba. In the daytime you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view from the lighthouse as well as a variety of seafood and noodles at the chain of restaurants nearby. Take a walk along the coast and snap a photo of yourself at sunrise point, a white bench atop a boulder that faces the ocean. Also check out the red gate that stands near the lighthouse. Stay to watch the sunset if you can. (The sun sets between 4:30 in December and 7:00 in July.)

If you visit in July be sure to watch the Shirahama Ama Festival, where female free-divers called ama swim into the ocean at night holding lit torches!

2. Hokkezaki Walkway

Take an evening stroll down Hokkezaki Walkway and enjoy the sunset. On some of the trail you can venture out and walk onto the rocks that are scattered across the bay.

3. Haraoka Sanbashi

This scenic beach is a famous spot for viewing Mt. Fuji. Come on a clear day to get a perfect view of the dormant volcano! Because of the humidity it’s clearest in the winter or spring when you can see its snowy cap. For the hardcore Fuji-lover, come on either May 6th or 7th, or August 5th or 6th to see the famous Diamond Fuji. (The sun will set at 6:25 and 6:45 respectively, so come early to catch it at the perfect point.)

Photo property of Minamiboso City
Diamond Fuji at Haraoka Sanbashi ©南房総市

4. Tateyama Hojo Beach

Take in the scenery along the coast of Hojo Beach in Tateyama City. This is a great place to gaze into the bay while having the city and many delicious restaurants right behind you! If you want to enjoy the beach but don’t have time in your schedule to go out of your way, this is the best place. No car? No worries! It’s only about a 1-minute walk from JR Tateyama Station!

If you visit in between mid-July and mid-August you can go swimming here, and in August there is an annual Fireworks Festival!

5. Okinoshima Island

Okinoshima is a small island in Tateyama bay, connected to the mainland by a small sandbar. Although it’s only about about 1km in diameter, the island is worth exploring. If you look on the south side of the island you’ll discover a small shrine and a cliff with a cave inside!

Do you have a favorite beach spot in the Boso? Comment and let us know!


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