5 Rare & Tasty Treats

Five delicious and local treats you won’t find often elsewhere!

1. Biwa Ice Cream

biwa ice cream
Biwa ice cream from Tomiura Biwa Club. Photo credit: 枇杷俱楽部

True to its name, Tomiura Biwa Club sells everything biwa (loquat), and the most famous of these is biwa ice cream. It comes hard-serve, soft-serve, or as sherbet. You can get it in a cup or cone. The premium soft serve comes in a waffle cone.

biwa juice at tomiura biwa club
Biwa juice from Tomiura Biwa Club

Besides ice cream, they also sell biwa curry (eat in or buy the instant curry to take home), biwa tea, and biwa juice. The juice is a bit pricey, but it’s my favorite study drink and really refreshing in the summer.

2. Tomato Daifuku

kameya nagusa tomato daifuku
Tomato daifuku cut in half, from Kameya Nagusa. Photo credit: フモ♪

One of many delicious confectioneries at Kameya Nagusa, tomato daifuku seems to be rare even in Japan.  It’s sweet mochi (glutinous rice cake) with a whole tomato inside! The combination may seems strange, but it’s pretty tasty and even refreshing. If you’re someone who doesn’t like overly-sweet things, I highly recommend it.

3. Nama Cream Daifuku

daifuku from takayama seika

For the cream lovers out there, get mochi filled with red bean paste and fresh cream. Nama Cream Daifuku is the specialty of sweets shop Takayama Seika. They sell a variety of daifuku (a ball of glutinous rice cake filled with something – usually red bean paste) that change throughout the season, including strawberry daifuku, pumpkin daifuku, and green tea daifuku. Other treats include dango, manju, and flan.

4. Nikumaki Dango 肉巻き団子 (Saucy mochi wrapped in meat!)

niku maki dango at tateyama castle
Nikumaki Dango near Tateyama Castle

This sweet and savory kabob is admittedly my favorite snack in all of Boso. The sweetness of the mochi (glutinous rice cake) and hearty flavor of the meat all come together with the sweet soy sauce. I love these so much I could eat them for dinner (although I don’t recommend it).

You can find this rare treat for sale at Satomi Chaya at the foot of Tateyama Castle in Shiroyama Park. They also serve mountainous heaps of kakigori (shaved ice) with a variety of flavors – perfect for a hot day.

5. Curry Bread カレーパン

curry bread at manga
Curry bread from Manga bakery

If you like curry you’re about to have your mind blown. More delicious than the regular curry bread you’ll find at the supermarket, this one is filled with mild curry, a cooked egg, and topped with creamy cheese.  I may or may not have had this for lunch before on a lazy weekend . . . .

Taste this supreme curry bread yourself at Manga bakery. The local shop makes a variety of pastries, bread, and desserts fresh every morning. You can also grab a quick sandwich during lunchtime if you’re in a hurry. Their selection changes slightly from day to day, but no worries – the curry bread is made daily!


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