Biwa (Loquat) Season

Growing biwa  (loquat) spotted in Tomiyama, Minamiboso!

The prime time for biwa picking is between late May and the middle of June. While those in the photo aren’t yet ripe, many are plump and ready to eat all over the city!

See below for details on where and when to go biwa picking.



Tomiura Biwa Club, greenhouse biwa picking:

Please make a reservation by phone by 5:30 p.m. the day before you would like to pick biwa. This gives them time to check the condition of the fruit, as well farmer’s schedules.


4/30 – 5/6: 3,100 yen
5/7 – 6/5: 2,600 yen
6/6 – 6/15: 2,200 yen
6/16 – 6/25: 2,000 yen

Please understand that reservations may not be accepted on some days due to weather, condition of the biwa, guest limit, etc.

PHONE: (+81) 0470-33-4611 (Japanese only)

ADDRESS: 123-1 Tomiurachō Aoki, Minamibōsō-shi, Chiba-ken 299-2416  (Japanese only)


Tomiyama Furari (Highway Oasis), outdoor biwa picking:

DATE: May 26 (Sat.) – mid June, or until biwa runs outs.

TIME: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (30 min. all-you-can-eat)

COST: 2,200 yen

Reservations will close once the daily limit is reached. For more details visit the information desk. (Japanese only)

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