Become an Ama Diver for a Night!

Volunteers needed for this year’s annual Ama Festival in July!

ama divers needed
Become an ama diver! [Picture from]
The city is seeking volunteers to become ama (female divers) and join in the traditional festival. The festival’s main event is a night swim by nearly 100 ama divers carrying torches! While diving for shellfish used to be a common profession in the area, the number of ama are decreasing every year. Please join in the fun and keep the tradition alive!

Any woman is welcome, whether you can swim or not! The costume will be provided and there will be practice at a nearby pool before the event. Must be available July 14th and 15th for practice and the event itself.

Ama divers swimming.jpg
Ama divers start their swim. [Picture from]
General Info:

Name: 54rd Woman Divers Festival × Reconstruction Supporting Event Maruguru
Date: July 14th (Sat) / 15th (Sun) 2018
Place: The port in front of Nojimasaki lighthouse in Shirahama, Minamiboso
Fixed Number: 100 divers in two days.
Requirements: Female
Practice: Practice will be held at Iso pool near Nojimasaki lighthouse starting at 13:00 / the event starts around 20:00
Note: Marugomi Japan will provide you with the certificate of participation as a Great Swimming volunteer if you wish to receive it.

TEL: Minamiboso Tourist Association 0470-28-5307

**How to Sign up: (Translated from Japanese version of post)

Please email the following information to

  • Name, address, home or cell number, e-mail address, which days you would like to participate (1 day or both days), and whether you need lodging (not free)


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