Seasonal Guide to Fruit-Picking & More

Japan takes special pride in its seasonal foods. Picking your own fruit (or vegetables, nuts, etc.) is very popular in country areas like Minamiboso. After all, you can’t get fresher than fruit straight from the vine!

This post lists popular fruits and more in Chiba Prefecture and their picking season. Check out the PDF for a color-coded chart.

It might be worth noting that “picking,” or gari, usually means “all you can eat” for a certain amount of time, and if you want to take some home you have to pay extra. So don’t eat before you go! Haha.

Chiba Prefecture Fruit/Veg/etc. Picking Calendar

PDF: Chiba Fruit, Veg, etc Picking Calendar scaled

(Bold = Boso Area)
Manila Clam (asari) mid March – early Sept. Kisarazu, Futtsu, Funabashi
Bamboo sprout (take no ko) late March – mid May Otaki, Kimitsu, Chiba, Minamiboso
Loquat (biwa) mid March – June Minamiboso
Blueberry mid June – late Sept. Kisarazu, Sodegaura, Futtsu, Isumi, Katsuura, Chiba, Ichihara,Yachiyo, Sammu, Mutsuzawa, Abiko, Kashiwa, Kamagaya
Grape (budou) early August – early Oct. Katori, Chiba, Sammu, Kamagaya, Togane, Sodegaura
Pear (nashi) early August – early Nov. Ichikawa, Matsudo, Kashiwa, Shiroi, Kamagaya, Yachiyo, Sammu, Kisarazu, Chiba
Fig (ichijiku) mid August – mid Nov. Tateyama, Nagara, Sodegaura
Peanut (rakkasei) early Sept. – mid Oct. Yachimata, Narita, Katori, Minamiboso, Sakura, Sammu, Nagara, Kisarazu, Sodegaura
Sweet potato (satsumaimo) early Sept. – mid Nov. Katori, Narita, Chiba, Abiko, Yachiyo, Sodegaura, Nagara
Mandarin orange (mikan) mid Oct. – late Dec. Minamiboso, Kamogawa, Ichihara
Strawberry (ichigo) late Dec. – late May Sammu, Tateyama, Kimitsu, Chiba, Tonosho, Asahi, Narita, Kujukuri, Futtsu, Sodegaura, Ichihara, Shiroi, Togane, Ichinomiya, Kisarazu, Choshi, Sosa, Mutsuzawa, Nagara, Otaki, Minamiboso, Kyonan, Kamagaya, Mobara, Funabashi
*Flower picking: rape blossoms, snapdragon, stock, poppy Jan. – May Minamiboso, Kamogawa, Kyonan, Tateyama

*List translated and reformatted from “Chiba Kankou Mappu” by the Chiba Prefectural Tourism & Local Products Association.

Note: This list is not exhaustive. Main areas indicate where the item is grown, sourced, etc. and usually not the only place where picking is available. Some items listed are available for picking out of season in greenhouses.


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