Photos from the Ama Matsuri!

I finally saw the Ama Festival for myself last week (July 15th) at Nojimazaki in Minamiboso and I was amazed. The atmosphere there with the female divers in white, the firelight from their torches illuminating their clothes and the rippling water, and the increasingly climactic music transports you into a different realm.

If you are a fan of Japanese festivals I really recommend visiting during this time! You won’t regret it. Best of all, any woman can participate! Check here next year for more details on how to sign up.

Unfortunately I can’t upload videos onto this site (it’s just the free version) but you can watch them on our Facebook page, Visit Minamiboso! (We have an Instagram as well!

For more general info on the Ama Festival visit:

Ama procession
Ama enter the water
Ama begin their Great Swim
Fireworks during the Great Swim

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