Marukawa Blueberry Farm

Marukawa Farm


Marukawa Farm is run by Kawana-san (pictured) and contains 15 types of blueberries and over 800 bushes. She uses organic fertilizer, no pesticides, and received the “Chiba Eco Agricultural Produce” certification.

While she doesn’t speak English, she is very kind and clearly cares about her farm. I can attest that her blueberries are delicious no matter what variety they are.

If you would like to pick blueberries or buy directly, please call in advance to make a reservation.

Blueberry picking season: early July to late August

Blueberries direct sales period: mid-June to early September

Blueberry picking entrance fee + all you can eat: ¥500 (kindergarten and up)

Pick and take home price:

  • Small pack: 130 g, ¥200
  • Large pack: 700 g, ¥1,000

Direct sale prices (*Must order in advance):

  • Large pack: 500 g, ¥1,000
  • A case: 1 kg, ¥2,000
  • Homemade jam: 170 g, ¥400

TEL: 0470-46-3022 (*You can leave a voicemail here)

CELL: 080-1141-4844

FAX: 0470-46-3022

ADDRESS: 41 Mikogami, Minamibōsō-shi, Chiba-ken 299-2506

*Parking: When you go up to the farm you’ll see blueberry bushes on your left (and right), and a house on the left. That’s Kawana-san’s house. There is space to park on the right hand side of the road just before you reach her house. I think it fits about 4 cars.

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