Minamiboso Photo Contest

[Translated from https://www.mboso-etoko.jp/top/goodlife/disp_A.asp?id=14870&group=149]

The Minamiboso Photo Contest Committee is now accepting submissions for photographs of Minamiboso until March 20th.

2018 Minamiboso Photo Contest winning photograph

We would like you to submit your photos that are overflowing with charm, in order to rediscover the appeal of Minamiboso and the surrounding area. You can enter a wide variety of photos that include colorful flowers, strawberry and biwa (loquat) picking, photos of the beautiful ocean, woodlands, and more.

Spring is coming quickly to Minamiboso. Why not take advantage of the approx. 90 minute trip from Tokyo and explore Minamiboso on a weekend?

Travel concierge. Minamiboso Iitokodori.


How to Enter

We are taking submissions through Photo Bank.


One person may make multiple submissions.


Submission dates: Mon., Feb. 18 – Wed., March 20.

Submission content: Regardless of season, we are accepting photos that you think represent Minamiboso, such as scenery, food, people, etc.

Date photograph was taken: Anything taken after 2017


We are preparing several prizes including local specialty goods, hotel vouchers, etc.

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be notified directly as well as announced on Photo Bank in the beginning of April.

Selection & Judging

About 10 photographs will be selected from the submissions (1 main prize, several secondary prizes, several honorable mentions).


Minamiboso 2019 Photo Contest, person in charge: Sato

Phone number: 05055327559

Email: minamiboso.photocon@gmail.com

*Please note that if you cannot read Japanese and therefore are not able to submit your photographs through Photo Bank, you may email your submission to Sato directly, as he speaks English.

**COPYRIGHTS: Please note that by submitting your photograph(s) to the Minamiboso Photo Contest, you agree to forfeit the rights of said photographs to Minamiboso City, and that Minamiboso City may use the photographs for publicity purposes.

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