Kamogawa Spring Fest

WHAT: Spring Festival in Kamogawa City

Celebrate spring and the beginning of the *Reiwa era at this festival in Kamogawa City. There will be various food vendors, dances, musical performances, fireworks, and more!

WHEN: Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

*In addition to the Gregorian calendar system, Japan also has a second calendar system where the years are counted based on the Emperor. Since the current Emperor Akihito will abdicate the throne to his successor, Crown Prince Naruhito, a new era will begin. Therefore, 2019 will no longer be Heisei 31, but starting May 1st will be Reiwa 1.


9:00 am – Selling fresh seafood and vegetables
10:00 am – Opening event
*10 am – 9 pm: Various food stalls open
10:30 am: Stage event, Part 1
Performing groups (in no particular order):
AWA Belly Dance, Orca Kamogawa, KCC, Hip Hop Dance School Evolution, Puanani Hula Dance
*10:10 am – 3 pm: Flower arrangement, tea ceremony experience. Learn about Japan’s harmonious culture. Available to students. Admission free.
4:00 pm: Stage event, Part 2
Performing groups:
4:00 pm: Kisarazu General High School, Japanese Drums
5:10 pm: Japanese drum musical performance
6:20 pm: USAGI
7:30 pm: music by Junichi? Suzuki
8:00 pm: Celebratory fireworks

*Event will be cancelled in the event of rain or stormy weather

Note: This event takes place during Golden Week, Japan’s longest annual holiday. This year, because of the new Emperor’s coronation, it is the longest Golden Week yet at 10 consecutive days. So expect it to be very crowded.

PLACE: Maebara Beach (前原海岸)
Maebara, Kamogawa, Chiba 296-0002

Going by Train:
Ride to Awa-kamogawa Station(安房鴨川駅), then walk about 15 minutes to Maebara Beach 

Going by Car:
MAP to the Parking Lot *Must Pay for Parking

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