Mother Farm

マザー牧場 (mazaa bokujo) Going to a farm may not sound like a fun way to spend your weekend, but you'd be surprised by how beautiful the scenery is and how many activities there are. Even on a cloudy day, the view of the green grass and hills contrasted against the pale sky is breathtaking. Patagonian... Continue Reading →

Beach Swim Dates (Summer ’18)

[The below information is an excerpt of and translated from an Iitokodori website article here.]   [The information was last updated on Aug. 12, 2018.] Conditions for beach swimming areas in Minamiboso City: ((Iwai region beach swim areas))      [Dates open]     Sat. July 21 - Mon. Aug., 20 Iwai number 1 (岩井第一) Swimming: OK   Temp:... Continue Reading →

Marukawa Blueberry Farm

Marukawa Farm 丸川農園 Marukawa Farm is run by Kawana-san (pictured) and contains 15 types of blueberries and over 800 bushes. She uses organic fertilizer, no pesticides, and received the "Chiba Eco Agricultural Produce" certification. While she doesn't speak English, she is very kind and clearly cares about her farm. I can attest that her blueberries... Continue Reading →

Biwa (Loquat) Season

Growing biwa  (loquat) spotted in Tomiyama, Minamiboso! The prime time for biwa picking is between late May and the middle of June. While those in the photo aren't yet ripe, many are plump and ready to eat all over the city! See below for details on where and when to go biwa picking. BIWA PICKING... Continue Reading →

Satomi no Yu (Public Bath)

Satomi no Yu 里見の湯 About public baths: One of many pleasures of Japan is the public bath. For those who aren't familiar, Japanese public baths are enjoyed in the nude (no swimsuits allowed). There are usually baths indoors and outdoors with various styles to help you relax: hot pools with jets, shallow ones to let... Continue Reading →

Grape Picking

DO: Late August and September in Japan is a great time to enjoy fresh grapes! The  Chikura grape farm has an all you can eat grape picking event (食べ放題祭り) every year. This year the event took place August 22nd-23rd. You can enjoy 6 different varieties of green, purple, black and even pink grapes for 500 yen... Continue Reading →

Mt. Tsumoriyama and Mt. Hitohoneyama

津森山と人骨山 Mt. Tsumoriyama and Mt. Hitohoneyama Tsumoriyama and Hitohoneyama are two mountains in Kyonan. They're very close to each other and it only takes about 3 hours to hike the whole course. It's a fun hike with some unexpected scenery and probably the steepest trails in the region. The Trail: First, there are several options... Continue Reading →

Onuki Trail

Onuki Trail 大貫の古道 The Onuki Trail (literally "old roads of Onuki") is a hiking path in Chikura centered around the beautiful Komatsu-ji Temple. The trail is a little rough in terms of maintenance, but that just makes it feel like a real adventure. The Trail: First, park at Komatsu-ji Temple and enjoy the scenery. Komatsu-ji... Continue Reading →

Mt. Takatsukayama

Mt. Takatsukayama 高塚山 Takatsukayama in Chikura is a small mountain with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. There's also a temple to enjoy at the summit. Do: Climb about halfway up for the first lookout, then to the summit. The climb has a lot of stairs, but the relatively short length of the trail... Continue Reading →

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