Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato

Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato 道の駅 三芳村 鄙の里 HIGHLIGHT: Enjoy the fresh dairy products of Minamiboso at this roadside station that has a dairy processing plant right on its grounds! In addition to fresh cheese, ice cream, and milk, you can also enjoy locally grown farm crops and processed foods, such as local craft beer!... Continue Reading →

Takayama Seika

Takayama Seika 高山製菓   HIGHLIGHT: This is a small confections shop that fuses traditional Japanese sweets with Western ingredients. Their specialty is the “nama-cream daifuku,” a soft and chewy mochi rice cake that’s wrapped around a combination of whipped cream and red bean paste. It comes in over 10 flavors, some seasonal. Meanwhile, their smooth flan comes... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Chikura Sea Breeze Kingdom

Roadside Station: Chikura Sea Breeze Kingdom   道の駅 千倉 潮風王国 HIGHLIGHT: This ocean-themed Roadside Station is appropriately located right along the coast of Chikura, an area that was historically a fishing community. Outside, climb aboard their Chikura-maru, a replica of a 30-ton fishing boat used in the 1950s. Inside the station, buy some of the freshest fish available at... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Tomiura Biwa Club

Roadside Station: Tomiura Biwa Club 道の駅 とみうら枇杷倶楽部 HIGHLIGHT: This was one of the first and most prominent Roadside Stations in Chiba, winning Best Roadside Station in Japan in 2000. The Tomiura Area is known for its large biwa or loquat, so be sure to try some biwa ice cream, juice or tea --- even biwa curry. Afterwards,... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama 道の駅 富楽里とみやま HIGHLIGHT: Conveniently located right off the highway and also doubling as a highway bus stop, this roadside station has much to offer. If you're making a quick stop, be sure to check out the deals at their fresh produce, flowers, and fish area downstairs. If you have a bit more time,... Continue Reading →


Manga 万賀 HIGHLIGHT: A bakery and traditional Japanese sweets shop that offers both savory and sweet goods. Grab a quick bite on the go. All bread is baked fresh daily! RECOMMENDED: Their popular "cream bread" is filled with custard cream and covered with a layer of almond cream before baking. HOURS: (Thurs-Tues) 9:00am~7:00pm Closed Wednesdays... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Wadaura WA∙O!

Roadside Station: Wadaura WA∙O! 道の駅 和田浦 WA・O! HIGHLIGHT: The newest of Minamiboso's Roadside Stations, this whale-themed destination is fitting for Wada, home to the only whaling port in the Kanto region. WaO! has a shopping area for souvenirs, including fresh and processed whale meat you can try cooking at home. If you're not feeling that adventurous,... Continue Reading →

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