Le Risa

A new restaurant whose dishes are so delicious they should be in grandma's recipe book. It has a local coffee-shop vibe with a wide selection of coffee drinks, smoothies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, mouth-watering dishes, and some of the most delicious desserts I've ever had. The chef's tomato basil pasta was (from an American perspective)... Continue Reading →


Cafe Polaris

Cafe Polaris カフェ・ポラリス Photos by Amy Conley © Polaris is a haven for any cafe-lover. They have tasty food, amazing and fresh coffee from around the world, and most importantly a very friendly and talkative staff. I would live there if I could. Highlights: Polaris has about 30 types of coffee beans from around the... Continue Reading →

Oyatsu Marche

Oyatsu Marche おやつマルシェ HIGHLIGHT: “Oyatsu Marche” means “snack market,” and that’s exactly what it is. The shop’s main specialty are Liege-style sugar waffles that you bite into like a cookie. You can have them fresh at the shop, perhaps drizzled with some ice cream. Otherwise, they are also delicious to eat at home after sticking... Continue Reading →


CAFE TSUMUGI カフェ ツムギ HIGHLIGHT: Claim one of their many sofas and relax at this laid-back cafe located right by the beach and Tateyama Bay. Their menu includes the standard cafe drinks as well as gelato and a dessert of the day. Their food menu includes many spicy dishes, like Thai green curry, Indian kima curry,... Continue Reading →

Horne Cafe

Horne Cafe オルネカフェ HIGHLIGHT: This small cafe seems to be run by the owner alone. In addition to drinks, desserts, and some pita pocket-like sandwiches, she also makes her own bread, scones, and other baked goods available to purchase and take home. RECOMMENDED: The baked goods change daily and range from walnut and fig bread... Continue Reading →

Mountain Cabin Cafe: Kaze no Michi

Mountain Cabin Cafe: Kaze no Michi 山小屋カフェ 風の道 HIGHLIGHT: Climb a narrow winding road deeper into the mountains of Shirahama until you see the parking lot to this cute cabin. The wooden interior and exterior both have a very cozy feel. You can sit at their tables, or in the lounge area that feels like you’re... Continue Reading →

Porto Maison Rooms

Porto Maison Rooms ポルトメゾンルームス HIGHLIGHT: The clean white walls, plush sofas and large windows give this classy café a nice feel. If you're craving French food, try their original French toast and lobster thermidor. They also have Italian flan and pork cutlet. The clam chowder is a tempting find as well. Portions are a bit small for... Continue Reading →

Nagisa Cafe

Nagisa Cafe なぎさカフェ HIGHLIGHT: This sunny café is well lit and laid back, thanks to the many windows and warm Chikura seaside climate. Their daily lunch special changes every day but always comes with access to the drink bar where you can get everything from coffee to blueberry iced tea. Have their chasiu rice bowl... Continue Reading →

Sand Cafe

Sand Cafe サンドカフェ HIGHLIGHTS: A quiet and classy café along the coast of Chikura. The interior is decorated using Hemingway’s book “The Old Man and the Sea” for inspiration. Each cup of drip coffee is brewed once the order has been placed, making this a great place for coffee gurus. RECOMMENDED: The café is also known for their... Continue Reading →

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