Porto Maison Rooms

Porto Maison Rooms ポルトメゾンルームス HIGHLIGHT: The clean white walls, plush sofas and large windows give this classy café a nice feel. If you're craving French food, try their original French toast and lobster thermidor. They also have Italian flan and pork cutlet. The clam chowder is a tempting find as well. Portions are a bit small for... Continue Reading →

Hana no Kura

Hana no Kura 華の蔵 HIGHLIGHT: This ramen shop has two locations, both of which are very popular amongst locals. Their serving size is quite hearty and is sure not to disappoint. Meanwhile, their broth uses a combination of both fish-based and meat-based soup. (Chikura location) HOURS: 11:00am~2:30pm Closed Fridays (except for holidays; then closed Thursday... Continue Reading →

Sushi Place: Iijima

Sushi Place: Iijima 鮨処:いいじま **The restaurant has re-opened.** HIGHLIGHT: This seaside bed and breakfast and restaurant is solely run by a husband and wife team. The restaurant is reservation only and takes just one party per night, making it perfect for a private get together, a family with small children, or a special couple’s night... Continue Reading →

Nagisa Cafe

Nagisa Cafe なぎさカフェ HIGHLIGHT: This sunny café is well lit and laid back, thanks to the many windows and warm Chikura seaside climate. Their daily lunch special changes every day but always comes with access to the drink bar where you can get everything from coffee to blueberry iced tea. Have their chasiu rice bowl... Continue Reading →

Shiramazu Flower Fields

Shiramazu Flower Fields 白間津花畑 DO: There are many flower fields in Minamiboso, but these particular fields in Chikura are located right across from the beach, creating a beautiful blue backdrop for the colorful flowers of early spring. Flower picking is available for extremely cheap, with an abundance of poppies, stock, rapeseed blossoms, and more at... Continue Reading →

Sangyo Matsuri

Sangyo Matsuri 産業祭 DO: Come enjoy the best of Minamiboso, all gathered in one place. From local food to performances, the entire community comes together to put this festival on in an effort to show both locals and visitors just how many great things are found in the southern tip of Chiba. FEE: Free! But... Continue Reading →

Sand Cafe

Sand Cafe サンドカフェ HIGHLIGHTS: A quiet and classy café along the coast of Chikura. The interior is decorated using Hemingway’s book “The Old Man and the Sea” for inspiration. Each cup of drip coffee is brewed once the order has been placed, making this a great place for coffee gurus. RECOMMENDED: The café is also known for their... Continue Reading →

Komatsu-ji Temple

Komatsu-ji Temple 小松寺 DO: A temple dedicated to prayers for safe labor, healthy children, and fertility, Komatsu-ji is located deep in the mountains of Chikura. It is particularly known as one of the best areas in Minamiboso to view red autumn leaves. Due to the warmer climate of Minamiboso, the best time to view the... Continue Reading →


Kurara 食楽ら HIGHLIGHT: For some real Korean food, go to Kurara! From dukbokki to chapchae noodles, get all your staple Korean dishes cooked sweet and spicy. Bring a party and get one of their back rooms to yourselves, or sit at the counter from which you can watch all the action in the kitchen. RECOMMENDED:... Continue Reading →

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