Kumfa クムファ HIGHLIGHT: Get some tapas-style food and drinks at this Asian fusion café and bar right across from the beach. The straw couches and leafy plants make the place feel like a beach resort year-round. Have some Korean samgyetang chicken ginseng soup, Vietnamese spring rolls or Indonesian beef satay as you enjoy the atmosphere. RECOMMENDED: The place also has... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Pot ストロベリーポット HIGHLIGHT: A cute little café that’s a bit tucked away but well loved by locals. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, the wife is a professional ama diver who gathers her own seaweed to produce agar. This fresh agar is then used in the café’s specialty: kanten, a healthy... Continue Reading →


Kamal カマル HIGHLIGHT: This Indian and Nepali food restaurant is so popular among locals, they have two shops in the area --- one in Chikura, and another in Tateyama. Their food is authentic and great if you're getting tired of the more subtle flavors that dominate Japanese food. The vast number of choices in nan and curry... Continue Reading →

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