Kamogawa Spring Fest

Celebrate spring and the beginning of the Reiwa era at this festival in Kamogawa City. There will be various food vendors, dances, musical performances, fireworks, and more!

POSTPONED: Upcoming Fireworks!

*UPDATE: Tateyama Fireworks have been postponed to Friday, Aug. 10 due to the typhoon. [Info below left unchanged.] Clear your schedule for two grand firework displays in the next week. The first is this Sunday, Aug. 5 at Iwai beach and next is in Tateyama on Wed., Aug. 8. There are usually food stands around... Continue Reading →

Shirahama Ama Festival

Shirahama Ama Festival 白浜 海女まつり DO: This festival celebrates the culture of ama, female free-divers who practice a traditional form of fishing to gather shellfish. The highlight of the night is the ama no yaei, the Ama Night Swim where many female divers dressed in the traditional gear swim into the ocean holding fire torches. Fireworks,... Continue Reading →

Tateyama Bay Fireworks Festival

Tateyama Bay Fireworks Festival 館山湾花火大会 DO: Come out for Tateyama’s main event of the summer! Watch fireworks light up Tateyama Bay as they are shot off boats and out of the waters of the bay itself. Pick any spot on the beach to watch, as the show can be viewed from any point along the... Continue Reading →

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