Shiroyama Park

Shiroyama Park 城山公園 DO: This park located on a hill offers everything from flowers, peacocks, a castle, children’s park and more! Though the walk is a bit steep, it is very well worth climbing to see the view of Tateyama Bay (and Mt.Fuji if you’re lucky) from the peak. The winding landscape is decorated with narcissus flowers,... Continue Reading →

Shiramazu Flower Fields

Shiramazu Flower Fields 白間津花畑 DO: There are many flower fields in Minamiboso, but these particular fields in Chikura are located right across from the beach, creating a beautiful blue backdrop for the colorful flowers of early spring. Flower picking is available for extremely cheap, with an abundance of poppies, stock, rapeseed blossoms, and more at... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Tomiura Biwa Club

Roadside Station: Tomiura Biwa Club 道の駅 とみうら枇杷倶楽部 HIGHLIGHT: This was one of the first and most prominent Roadside Stations in Chiba, winning Best Roadside Station in Japan in 2000. The Tomiura Area is known for its large biwa or loquat, so be sure to try some biwa ice cream, juice or tea --- even biwa curry. Afterwards,... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama 道の駅 富楽里とみやま HIGHLIGHT: Conveniently located right off the highway and also doubling as a highway bus stop, this roadside station has much to offer. If you're making a quick stop, be sure to check out the deals at their fresh produce, flowers, and fish area downstairs. If you have a bit more time,... Continue Reading →

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