Blueberry Picking Season!

It's finally blueberry picking season in Minamiboso! Whether you want to pick and eat until you're about to burst, or take some home to eat or cook with later, you have until about late August/early September to do so. While there are many different blueberry picking spots around the city, I recommend Marukawa Farm, which... Continue Reading →

Marukawa Blueberry Farm

Marukawa Farm 丸川農園 Marukawa Farm is run by Kawana-san (pictured) and contains 15 types of blueberries and over 800 bushes. She uses organic fertilizer, no pesticides, and received the "Chiba Eco Agricultural Produce" certification. While she doesn't speak English, she is very kind and clearly cares about her farm. I can attest that her blueberries... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Guide to Fruit-Picking & More

Japan takes special pride in its seasonal foods. Picking your own fruit (or vegetables, nuts, etc.) is very popular in country areas like Minamiboso. After all, you can't get fresher than fruit straight from the vine! This post lists popular fruits and more in Chiba Prefecture and their picking season. Check out the PDF for... Continue Reading →

What’s in Season? Calendar Guide

Japan is all about eating fresh and in season. Produce and other food items in grocery stores change depending on the time of year. Want nabe (hot pot) in summer? Good luck finding broth in the store. While inconvenient if you're used to having all types of food all year round, eating in season is... Continue Reading →

Biwa (Loquat) Season

Growing biwa  (loquat) spotted in Tomiyama, Minamiboso! The prime time for biwa picking is between late May and the middle of June. While those in the photo aren't yet ripe, many are plump and ready to eat all over the city! See below for details on where and when to go biwa picking. BIWA PICKING... Continue Reading →

Mikan Orange Picking

Mikan Orange Picking みかん狩り DO: In the fall and winter of Minamiboso, the hills are covered in orange-dotted trees bearing sweet mandarin oranges! These small fruits with easy-to-peel skin are a staple of Japanese winters, likely because the vitamin C wards off all those pesky colds (and they taste good). Pay the entry fee at... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking イチゴ狩り DO: There are many, many facilities that offer strawberry picking in Minamiboso City and Tateyama City. Japanese strawberries are grown with great care, which shows in their perfect shape, juicy taste, and fragrant smell. Eat them at their ripest by paying for a 30 minute all-you-can-eat strawberry picking session. It makes for... Continue Reading →

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