Una-jin うな陣 HIGHLIGHT: You won’t miss this peculiar restaurant whose entrance is decorated with antique Japanese furniture, trinkets and… a boat. Their specialty is broiled unagi eel, available dipped in their special sauce, just salt, or wasabi. If you’re feeling like you need a healthy addition to this grilled meal, order their spinach salad sprinkled... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Grill

Rainbow Grill レインボーグリル HIGHLIGHT: If you’re in need of a juicy, hearty burger and some good ol’ chili cheese fries, this is the way to go. Their sandwiches don’t miss either, such as their BLT which is made with crispy bacon, a somewhat rarity in Japan. Despite the diner food, the atmosphere reminds you of... Continue Reading →


Tenzen 典膳   HIGHLIGHT: A hidden gem in the mountains. But hidden... literally. Drive down a narrow winding path for about five minutes to see the woods finally open up to an old, majestic mansion. The restaurant is entirely reservation only and made up of a few private rooms. The course meal consists of fresh seafood... Continue Reading →

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