Hifumi Honey Farm

This honey farm makes and sells their own honey and also runs a small cafe out of an old-style Japanese house. Their specialty is honey soft serve.

Taste of Minamiboso

What food makes Minamiboso unique? This list runs through the most well-known dishes in the city. Keep in mind that some items are seasonal and may not be available all year round. FRIED EDIBLE FLOWERS Available only in the spring, Minamiboso offers the rare opportunity to eat tempura-battered flowers! Known here as "edible flowers," they're... Continue Reading →

Satomi Chaya

Satomi Chaya 里見茶屋 "Delicious tea and dango shop"   Dango 団子 Usually dango is just balls of saucy mochi (glutinous rice cake) on a stick, but this shop takes it to a whole new level. Get your dango slathered with your favorite flavor, ranging from red bean paste, white bean, green soybean, peanut butter, sweet... Continue Reading →

5 Rare & Tasty Treats

Five delicious and local treats you won't find often elsewhere! 1. Biwa Ice Cream True to its name, Tomiura Biwa Club sells everything biwa (loquat), and the most famous of these is biwa ice cream. It comes hard-serve, soft-serve, or as sherbet. You can get it in a cup or cone. The premium soft serve... Continue Reading →

Kimura Peanuts

Kimura Peanuts 木村ピーナッツ   Peanut fans are in for a treat at this small store with over 20 different kinds of peanuts and surprisingly good peanut soft-serve ice cream.  According to the Kimura Peanuts website, they have been planting, harvesting, and selling their products for 45 years. Supposedly, they are also the only place in... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato

Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato 道の駅 三芳村 鄙の里 HIGHLIGHT: Enjoy the fresh dairy products of Minamiboso at this roadside station that has a dairy processing plant right on its grounds! In addition to fresh cheese, ice cream, and milk, you can also enjoy locally grown farm crops and processed foods, such as local craft beer!... Continue Reading →

Kondo Farm

Kondo Farm 近藤牧場 HIGHLIGHT: Located in the Roadside Station Furari Tomiyama and on the 2nd floor, the Kondo Farm shop offers soft-serve ice cream, fresh cheese, and other dairy products straight from their pastures near by. Many items are available for take-out to eat immediately or to take home as ingredients for your own special dish. RECOMMENDED:... Continue Reading →

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