Taste of Minamiboso

What food makes Minamiboso unique? This list runs through the most well-known dishes in the city. Keep in mind that some items are seasonal and may not be available all year round. FRIED EDIBLE FLOWERS Available only in the spring, Minamiboso offers the rare opportunity to eat tempura-battered flowers! Known here as "edible flowers," they're... Continue Reading →

5 Rare & Tasty Treats

Five delicious and local treats you won't find often elsewhere! 1. Biwa Ice Cream True to its name, Tomiura Biwa Club sells everything biwa (loquat), and the most famous of these is biwa ice cream. It comes hard-serve, soft-serve, or as sherbet. You can get it in a cup or cone. The premium soft serve... Continue Reading →

Kamome Grill

Kamome Grill かもめグリル HIGHLIGHT: This restaurant, conveniently located right next to JR Tateyama Station, has simple but solid dishes such as curry, spaghetti, and beef stew. Most dishes use locally grown products, such as Tateyama-raised pork and Tateyama-grown vegetables. The restaurant even produces their own herb salt and salad dressing, both made using locally grown... Continue Reading →

Sangyo Matsuri

Sangyo Matsuri 産業祭 DO: Come enjoy the best of Minamiboso, all gathered in one place. From local food to performances, the entire community comes together to put this festival on in an effort to show both locals and visitors just how many great things are found in the southern tip of Chiba. FEE: Free! But... Continue Reading →

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