Nichiun-ji Temple

Nichiun-ji Temple 日運寺 DO: In mid to late June, 20,000 hydrangeas come to bloom in gradients of deep purple to pink at Nichiun-ji. Though somewhat steep, take a walk throughout the vast grounds that are filled with nature, enshrinements, and great views of the countryside. The red main gates were built in 1726, but the history... Continue Reading →


Roadside Station: Rosemary Park

Roadside Station: Rosemary Park 道の駅 ローズマリー公園 HIGHLIGHT: This Shakespeare themed roadside station features old-English style architecture and gardens. The Hanamaru market offers both locally produced vegetables and fruits that are great just to take home, as well as sweets and packaged goods that are great for gifting. Shows are periodically put on at the Shakespearian style... Continue Reading →


Tenzen 典膳   HIGHLIGHT: A hidden gem in the mountains. But hidden... literally. Drive down a narrow winding path for about five minutes to see the woods finally open up to an old, majestic mansion. The restaurant is entirely reservation only and made up of a few private rooms. The course meal consists of fresh seafood... Continue Reading →

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