Taibusa-Misaki Nature Park 大房岬自然公園 Taibusa-misaki is a cape in Tomiura, just north of Tateyama Bay. Because of its beautiful nature, Taibusa has a park, a camp where kids can experience nature, and the swanky Tomiura Royal Hotel. It has also been named a 'Forest Therapy Road,' meaning it is a key place to visit to... Continue Reading →

Shirahama Ama Festival

Shirahama Ama Festival 白浜 海女まつり DO: This festival celebrates the culture of ama, female free-divers who practice a traditional form of fishing to gather shellfish. The highlight of the night is the ama no yaei, the Ama Night Swim where many female divers dressed in the traditional gear swim into the ocean holding fire torches. Fireworks,... Continue Reading →


Ryuken 柳軒 HIGHLIGHT: If you want genuine Taiwanese food, go here! Their portions are very generous, so bring a couple friends, order a couple dishes, and share everything family-style. Like most Chinese restaurants, you can also order take-out or take home your leftovers. RECOMMENDED: They have family and party menus with all you can drink... Continue Reading →


Seiei-dou 盛栄堂   HIGHLIGHT: This traditional sweets shop has been open for almost 100 years across from the beach in the Wada Area. The shop is famous for their “sazae-monaka,” a Japanese wafer that’s shaped like the locally caught turban shell sazae and filled with sweet red, white, or green bean paste. You can also... Continue Reading →

Horne Cafe

Horne Cafe オルネカフェ HIGHLIGHT: This small cafe seems to be run by the owner alone. In addition to drinks, desserts, and some pita pocket-like sandwiches, she also makes her own bread, scones, and other baked goods available to purchase and take home. RECOMMENDED: The baked goods change daily and range from walnut and fig bread... Continue Reading →

Bride’s Way Hike

Bride’s Way Hike 花嫁街道ハイキング DO: This trail gets its name from its use by newlywed brides traveling between the ocean and the mountains in order to get to their new husband’s home. You can start at JR Wadaura Station and walk to the entrance to the path, or you can park near the entrance and... Continue Reading →

Nichiun-ji Temple

Nichiun-ji Temple 日運寺 DO: In mid to late June, 20,000 hydrangeas come to bloom in gradients of deep purple to pink at Nichiun-ji. Though somewhat steep, take a walk throughout the vast grounds that are filled with nature, enshrinements, and great views of the countryside. The red main gates were built in 1726, but the history... Continue Reading →

Mountain Cabin Cafe: Kaze no Michi

Mountain Cabin Cafe: Kaze no Michi 山小屋カフェ 風の道 HIGHLIGHT: Climb a narrow winding road deeper into the mountains of Shirahama until you see the parking lot to this cute cabin. The wooden interior and exterior both have a very cozy feel. You can sit at their tables, or in the lounge area that feels like you’re... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Rosemary Park

Roadside Station: Rosemary Park 道の駅 ローズマリー公園 HIGHLIGHT: This Shakespeare themed roadside station features old-English style architecture and gardens. The Hanamaru market offers both locally produced vegetables and fruits that are great just to take home, as well as sweets and packaged goods that are great for gifting. Shows are periodically put on at the Shakespearian style... Continue Reading →

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