Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato

Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato 道の駅 三芳村 鄙の里 HIGHLIGHT: Enjoy the fresh dairy products of Minamiboso at this roadside station that has a dairy processing plant right on its grounds! In addition to fresh cheese, ice cream, and milk, you can also enjoy locally grown farm crops and processed foods, such as local craft beer!... Continue Reading →

Chikura Music Festival

Chikura Music Festival 千倉ミュージックフェスティバル DO: See a great line-up of local bands that play everything from rock to jazz to country. Held yearly at the Nanbo Kokusai Mura, this outdoor event has a BBQ and a relaxing green area where you can sit and enjoy the music. The best part is that all the proceeds... Continue Reading →

Takayama Seika

Takayama Seika 高山製菓   HIGHLIGHT: This is a small confections shop that fuses traditional Japanese sweets with Western ingredients. Their specialty is the “nama-cream daifuku,” a soft and chewy mochi rice cake that’s wrapped around a combination of whipped cream and red bean paste. It comes in over 10 flavors, some seasonal. Meanwhile, their smooth flan comes... Continue Reading →

Mikan Orange Picking

Mikan Orange Picking みかん狩り DO: In the fall and winter of Minamiboso, the hills are covered in orange-dotted trees bearing sweet mandarin oranges! These small fruits with easy-to-peel skin are a staple of Japanese winters, likely because the vitamin C wards off all those pesky colds (and they taste good). Pay the entry fee at... Continue Reading →

Porto Maison Rooms

Porto Maison Rooms ポルトメゾンルームス HIGHLIGHT: The clean white walls, plush sofas and large windows give this classy café a nice feel. If you're craving French food, try their original French toast and lobster thermidor. They also have Italian flan and pork cutlet. The clam chowder is a tempting find as well. Portions are a bit small for... Continue Reading →


 Una-jin うな陣 HIGHLIGHT: You won’t miss this peculiar restaurant whose entrance is decorated with antique Japanese furniture, trinkets and… a boat. Their specialty is broiled unagi eel, available dipped in their special sauce, just salt, or wasabi. If you’re feeling like you need a healthy addition to this grilled meal, order their spinach salad sprinkled... Continue Reading →

Hana no Kura

Hana no Kura 華の蔵 HIGHLIGHT: This ramen shop has two locations, both of which are very popular amongst locals. Their serving size is quite hearty and is sure not to disappoint. Meanwhile, their broth uses a combination of both fish-based and meat-based soup. (Chikura location) HOURS: 11:00am~2:30pm Closed Fridays (except for holidays; then closed Thursday... Continue Reading →

Minamiboso Flower March

Minamiboso Flower March 南房総フラワーマーチ DO: Choose either the 40km, 20km, 12km or 5km course that will take you around the city, filled with blooming flowers during this season. This walk is officially endorsed by the Japan Marching League and other associations. It is also sister programs with the Two-day March in Blankenberge, Belgium. WHEN: first weekend... Continue Reading →

Sushi Place: Iijima

Sushi Place: Iijima 鮨処:いいじま **The restaurant has re-opened.** HIGHLIGHT: This seaside bed and breakfast and restaurant is solely run by a husband and wife team. The restaurant is reservation only and takes just one party per night, making it perfect for a private get together, a family with small children, or a special couple’s night... Continue Reading →

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