Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato

Roadside Station: Miyoshi Village Hina no Sato 道の駅 三芳村 鄙の里 HIGHLIGHT: Enjoy the fresh dairy products of Minamiboso at this roadside station that has a dairy processing plant right on its grounds! In addition to fresh cheese, ice cream, and milk, you can also enjoy locally grown farm crops and processed foods, such as local craft beer!... Continue Reading →

Mikan Orange Picking

Mikan Orange Picking みかん狩り DO: In the fall and winter of Minamiboso, the hills are covered in orange-dotted trees bearing sweet mandarin oranges! These small fruits with easy-to-peel skin are a staple of Japanese winters, likely because the vitamin C wards off all those pesky colds (and they taste good). Pay the entry fee at... Continue Reading →

Farming Residence Restaurant: Jiroemu

Farming Residence Restaurant: Jiroemu 百姓屋敷じろえむ HIGHLIGHT: Admire the 300 year old architecture that is this old farming family residence passed down through generations, now converted into a restaurant. True to their roots, the owner family grows their own organic vegetables, organic rice, and even collects eggs from their own free-range organic chickens. There’s no flourish... Continue Reading →


Pokhara レストランポカラ HIGHLIGHT: Get a little bit of every culture at this fusion food restaurant. With everything from fajitas to Thai curry to beef satay, it isn’t very difficult to find a dish you like. You can tell that the owner chef has travelled the world --- including being the exclusive chef for an exploration... Continue Reading →

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