Hydrangeas, called ajisai in Japanese, are in full bloom at Nichiun-ji Temple!

凛 RIN – Permanently Closed

RIN is a old-style cafe hidden away in the countryside. While it's menu selection is simple, it offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere surrounded by nature and antiques. It'd be a great place to study or hang out for a few hours without the crowds.

Mother Farm

マザー牧場 (mazaa bokujo) Going to a farm may not sound like a fun way to spend your weekend, but you'd be surprised by how beautiful the scenery is and how many activities there are. Even on a cloudy day, the view of the green grass and hills contrasted against the pale sky is breathtaking. Patagonian... Continue Reading →

Mt. Tsumoriyama and Mt. Hitohoneyama

津森山と人骨山 Mt. Tsumoriyama and Mt. Hitohoneyama Tsumoriyama and Hitohoneyama are two mountains in Kyonan. They're very close to each other and it only takes about 3 hours to hike the whole course. It's a fun hike with some unexpected scenery and probably the steepest trails in the region. The Trail: First, there are several options... Continue Reading →

Onuki Trail

Onuki Trail 大貫の古道 The Onuki Trail (literally "old roads of Onuki") is a hiking path in Chikura centered around the beautiful Komatsu-ji Temple. The trail is a little rough in terms of maintenance, but that just makes it feel like a real adventure. The Trail: First, park at Komatsu-ji Temple and enjoy the scenery. Komatsu-ji... Continue Reading →

Mt. Takatsukayama

Mt. Takatsukayama 高塚山 Takatsukayama in Chikura is a small mountain with a great view of the Pacific Ocean. There's also a temple to enjoy at the summit. Do: Climb about halfway up for the first lookout, then to the summit. The climb has a lot of stairs, but the relatively short length of the trail... Continue Reading →

Shirahama Jouyama

Shirahama Jouyama 白浜城山 Jouyama is a very small mountain in Shirahama with two viewing platforms that look out over the Nojimazaki cape. The trail is quite short and easy to hike, but provides some beautiful scenery: from mountain passes, to outlook points, to tree-covered cliffs. The Path: There are several possible entrances, but the easiest... Continue Reading →

Naka Dam Park

Naka Dam Park 中堰親水公園 Photos by Amy Conley © If Minamiboso is for lovers, then the dam in Naka-ku, Miyoshi must be this city's number one date spot. Separated from the main roads by farmland, this small, secluded park feels like part of another world. It's well-worth the journey to experience the serene atmosphere and... Continue Reading →

Taibusa-Misaki Nature Park 大房岬自然公園 Taibusa-misaki is a cape in Tomiura, just north of Tateyama Bay. Because of its beautiful nature, Taibusa has a park, a camp where kids can experience nature, and the swanky Tomiura Royal Hotel. It has also been named a 'Forest Therapy Road,' meaning it is a key place to visit to... Continue Reading →

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