Hasshuuken Ramen

Hasshuuken (Ramen Restaurant) 八洲軒 A small but delicious Chinese restaurant with a variety of ramen, yakisoba, and other set dishes. I got the chaashuu ramen (comes with roasted pork) as shown in the picture. The pork melted in my mouth and overall it was delicious! It's also very accessible by car, train, or bus. It's... Continue Reading →

Nansouan (Soba restaurant)

Nansouan 南総庵 This small, two-story noodle restaurant has a mysterious way of making you feel like you're in ancient Japan. The tables are made of real wood that still retain their uneven texture, and the stools are tree stumps with a cushion. (You think they're fake until you try to move one!) Beside the windows... Continue Reading →

Kisoba: Kawana

Kisoba: Kawana 生そばかわな HIGHLIGHT: This homely little hole-in-the-wall offers cheap but delicious eats. Their vegetable tempura makes for a hearty meal, as a variety of locally grown fresh vegetables are placed alongside your buckwheat noodles. RECOMMENDED: Favored for take-out during lunch, this place is great for a quick meal. HOURS: (lunch) 11:45~3:00 (dinner) 5:30~9:30 Closed... Continue Reading →

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