Sand Cafe

Sand Cafe サンドカフェ HIGHLIGHTS: A quiet and classy café along the coast of Chikura. The interior is decorated using Hemingway’s book “The Old Man and the Sea” for inspiration. Each cup of drip coffee is brewed once the order has been placed, making this a great place for coffee gurus. RECOMMENDED: The café is also known for their... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Pot ストロベリーポット HIGHLIGHT: A cute little café that’s a bit tucked away but well loved by locals. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, the wife is a professional ama diver who gathers her own seaweed to produce agar. This fresh agar is then used in the café’s specialty: kanten, a healthy... Continue Reading →

and on cafe

and on cafe アンドオンカフェ HIGHLIGHT: An open and airy cafe located on the lobby floor of an apartment and hotel complex. This cafe offers a view of the ocean right across the street. The interior is filled with couches where you can lounge for as long as you'd like. RECOMMENDED: Anything with their chili on... Continue Reading →

Beach Resorts (Minamiboso City)

Beach Resorts 海水浴場 DO: Various beaches all around Minamiboso City are designated during the summer season as "beach resort" areas, all equipped with bathrooms and parking space. Most also have showers, lockers, and beach houses (umi no ie) that offer snacks and drinks right on the beach. Choose whether you want to ride the large waves of... Continue Reading →

Nojimazaki Lighthouse

Nojimazaki Lighthouse 野島崎灯台 DO: Climb up the second oldest lighthouse in Japan, originally built in 1869. Both the lighthouse itself and the view from the top are beautiful. Admission includes entry to the lighthouse museum, where you can learn about the history behind the lighthouse. Be sure to take a walk around the surrounding park as... Continue Reading →

Hokkezaki Walkway

Hokkezaki Walkway 法華崎遊歩道   DO: Take a leisurely walk along the bay and take in the view, which is especially nice at sunset. The waves break right at your feet! Address: Tomiuracho Toyooka, Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture 299-2402, Japan Parking: I couldn't find a parking lot, so I just parked my car along the cement road that... Continue Reading →

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