Orto (イタリアンキッチンオルト) is one of many good Italian restaurants in the Minamiboso-Tateyama area. Located just off the bypass in a unique yellow building with circular windows, Orto provides quality foods in a pleasant atmosphere for a reasonable price. Stepping into the small, intimate restaurant feels like entering another world, with its cozy decor and large... Continue Reading →


Hacci ハッチ HIGHLIGHT: This restaurant is a hole-in-the-wall located behind Yawata Shrine in a quiet residential district. Their kitchen is equipped with a stone oven where they bake their pizzas (although sometimes the oven seems a bit too hot). They also have a good variety of pasta. The place is known for their pork cutlet... Continue Reading →

Italia Shokudo

Italia Shokudo イタリア食堂 HIGHLIGHT: This cozy restaurant serves great Italian pasta, pizza, and more, all made with local Chiba ingredients. For instance, try their soramame (broad bean) fettuccine with ham, or their shirasu (young sardine) and seaweed pizza. The interior decor is cute and cozy. You can choose a set price menu for dinner with... Continue Reading →

Indy’s Pizza

Indy’s Pizza ピザ インディーズ HIGHLIGHT: What started as a food truck, Indy’s and their wood-burning oven baked pizzas became so popular that the owners converted the business into a restaurant. The shop also uses the oven to smoke their own bacon.  All dough is handmade at 5am the same day it is baked. However, be aware... Continue Reading →

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