What’s in Season? Calendar Guide

Japan is all about eating fresh and in season. Produce and other food items in grocery stores change depending on the time of year. Want nabe (hot pot) in summer? Good luck finding broth in the store. While inconvenient if you're used to having all types of food all year round, eating in season is... Continue Reading →

Sakana Club

Sakana Club さかな倶楽部 Highly recommended! This is a seafood restaurant that gets its fish straight from the bay in front of the building, with reasonably-priced lunch sets that are delicious and guaranteed to fill your belly. Menu items include sashimi, whole-boiled fish sets, fried-fish sets, and more. Some items are limited to one dish per... Continue Reading →

Hana no Mai: Tateyama Location

Hana no Mai: Tateyama Location はなの舞 館山店 HIGHLIGHT: The place definitely tastes like it's part of a chain, but they also have local specialties like Boso-caught spanish mackerel aji and fried nabana rapeseed blossoms. Some of their fish is so fresh that their heads and tails will still move at your table! RECOMMENDED: Their extensive drink menu, large space, and location... Continue Reading →

Hana Souhonten

Hana Souhonten 波奈 総本店 HIGHLIGHT: This sushi and Japanese seafood restaurant offers many dishes made from items caught locally. In addition to extremely fresh nigiri, you can also get specialties that are more local, like namero (spanish mackerel tartare flavored with miso) and whale sashimi (served with garlic or ginger paste.) RECOMMENDED: Sit at the... Continue Reading →

Sushi Place: Iijima

Sushi Place: Iijima 鮨処:いいじま **The restaurant has re-opened.** HIGHLIGHT: This seaside bed and breakfast and restaurant is solely run by a husband and wife team. The restaurant is reservation only and takes just one party per night, making it perfect for a private get together, a family with small children, or a special couple’s night... Continue Reading →

Sangyo Matsuri

Sangyo Matsuri 産業祭 DO: Come enjoy the best of Minamiboso, all gathered in one place. From local food to performances, the entire community comes together to put this festival on in an effort to show both locals and visitors just how many great things are found in the southern tip of Chiba. FEE: Free! But... Continue Reading →


Fukkian 福喜庵 HIGHLIGHT: This restaurant attached to a small Japanese-style inn specializes in fresh local fish that it gets straight from the nearby fishing ports around Minamiboso. Of course, they also cook local traditional dishes, such as namero minced raw fish and whale meat cooked with ginger. Though selection may vary based on the catch,... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Chikura Sea Breeze Kingdom

Roadside Station: Chikura Sea Breeze Kingdom   道の駅 千倉 潮風王国 HIGHLIGHT: This ocean-themed Roadside Station is appropriately located right along the coast of Chikura, an area that was historically a fishing community. Outside, climb aboard their Chikura-maru, a replica of a 30-ton fishing boat used in the 1950s. Inside the station, buy some of the freshest fish available at... Continue Reading →

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama

Roadside Station: Furari Tomiyama 道の駅 富楽里とみやま HIGHLIGHT: Conveniently located right off the highway and also doubling as a highway bus stop, this roadside station has much to offer. If you're making a quick stop, be sure to check out the deals at their fresh produce, flowers, and fish area downstairs. If you have a bit more time,... Continue Reading →

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