Yawatan Machi Festival this weekend!

Awa Yawatan Machi Festival (Tsurugaya Hachimangu Grand Annual Festival) 安房やわたんまち(鶴谷八幡宮例祭大祭) WHEN: September 15th and 16th, 2018 WHERE: Hachimangu, the Shrine of the God of War (directions below) Boasting more than 1,000 years of tradition, Yawatan Machi is the largest festival in the Awa region. 100,000 people turn up for this lively 2-day event to watch... Continue Reading →


Okinoshima 沖ノ島 Photos by Amy Conley © Okinoshima is a small island in Tateyama bay, connected to the mainland by a small sandbar. Although it's tiny (about 1km in diameter) the island is worth exploring. DO: Walk along the trail and explore the whole island. It doesn't take long. Along the way you will walk... Continue Reading →

Awa Yawatan Machi Festival

Awa Yawatan Machi Festival 安房やわたんまち(鶴谷八幡宮例祭大祭) DO: This is the largest event hosted by the Tsurugaya Hachiman-gu Shrine, located in the heart of Tateyama. The festival also involves ten smaller and larger shrines all located in the area. Each shrine brings their mikoshi portable shrines and dashi pull carts to race against each other and parade... Continue Reading →

Takabe Shrine

Takabe Shrine 高家神社 DO: It is appropriate that the only shrine in Japan dedicated to the god of cooking is located in Minamiboso, a treasure trove of fresh ingredients and delicious food. Many soy sauce makers, sake brewers and chefs come to pray for improvement in their skills, while fishermen pray for a good catch. Old... Continue Reading →

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