6 Must-see Spots in Southern Chiba

If you're visiting the southern peninsula and aren't sure where to go, here are the top 6 sights to see during your visit! The list includes the cities of Minamiboso, Tateyama, Kamogawa, and Kyonan Town. The View of Hell at Mt. Nokogiri, "Saw-tooth Mountain" KYONAN TOWN - Peer down into hell from the overhang infamously... Continue Reading →

Taibusa-Misaki Nature Park 大房岬自然公園 Taibusa-misaki is a cape in Tomiura, just north of Tateyama Bay. Because of its beautiful nature, Taibusa has a park, a camp where kids can experience nature, and the swanky Tomiura Royal Hotel. It has also been named a 'Forest Therapy Road,' meaning it is a key place to visit to... Continue Reading →

Mt. Dainichi Trail

Mt. Dainichi Trail 大日山遊歩道 DO: Hike to the summit (333.3 meters above sea level) and, if the weather is good, get a view of the surrounding mountains, Tokyo Bay, and the Pacific Ocean near Tateyama. Along the way you can stop to look at the 25 meter Boudaki Waterfall. You can also stop to appreciate... Continue Reading →

Nojimazaki Lighthouse

Nojimazaki Lighthouse 野島崎灯台 DO: Climb up the second oldest lighthouse in Japan, originally built in 1869. Both the lighthouse itself and the view from the top are beautiful. Admission includes entry to the lighthouse museum, where you can learn about the history behind the lighthouse. Be sure to take a walk around the surrounding park as... Continue Reading →

Hokkezaki Walkway

Hokkezaki Walkway 法華崎遊歩道   DO: Take a leisurely walk along the bay and take in the view, which is especially nice at sunset. The waves break right at your feet! Address: Tomiuracho Toyooka, Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture 299-2402, Japan Parking: I couldn't find a parking lot, so I just parked my car along the cement road that... Continue Reading →

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