CAFE TSUMUGI カフェ ツムギ HIGHLIGHT: Claim one of their many sofas and relax at this laid-back cafe located right by the beach and Tateyama Bay. Their menu includes the standard cafe drinks as well as gelato and a dessert of the day. Their food menu includes many spicy dishes, like Thai green curry, Indian kima curry,... Continue Reading →

and on cafe

and on cafe アンドオンカフェ HIGHLIGHT: An open and airy cafe located on the lobby floor of an apartment and hotel complex. This cafe offers a view of the ocean right across the street. The interior is filled with couches where you can lounge for as long as you'd like. RECOMMENDED: Anything with their chili on... Continue Reading →

Salvia Coffee

Salvia Coffee サルビア コーヒー HIGHLIGHT: A small, cozy cafe. The slightly dim lighting and antique atmosphere makes it the perfect place to relax with a hot cup of coffee. The entire shop smells like fresh coffee beans, as they are roasted and ground by the cafe staff themselves. You can even buy coffee beans to take... Continue Reading →

Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar カフェ デルマー   HIGHLIGHT: Minutes from the beach with a casual yet cozy atmosphere. Their pancakes that are generously topped with fruits, sauce, and whipped cream and have been featured in various magazines. RECOMMENDED: Their lunch set changes daily and are a great deal. It comes with a main dish, drink, and ice cream... Continue Reading →

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