Hana no Mai: Tateyama Location

Hana no Mai: Tateyama Location はなの舞 館山店 HIGHLIGHT: The place definitely tastes like it's part of a chain, but they also have local specialties like Boso-caught spanish mackerel aji and fried nabana rapeseed blossoms. Some of their fish is so fresh that their heads and tails will still move at your table! RECOMMENDED: Their extensive drink menu, large space, and location... Continue Reading →


Kurara 食楽ら HIGHLIGHT: For some real Korean food, go to Kurara! From dukbokki to chapchae noodles, get all your staple Korean dishes cooked sweet and spicy. Bring a party and get one of their back rooms to yourselves, or sit at the counter from which you can watch all the action in the kitchen. RECOMMENDED:... Continue Reading →


Kumfa クムファ HIGHLIGHT: Get some tapas-style food and drinks at this Asian fusion café and bar right across from the beach. The straw couches and leafy plants make the place feel like a beach resort year-round. Have some Korean samgyetang chicken ginseng soup, Vietnamese spring rolls or Indonesian beef satay as you enjoy the atmosphere. RECOMMENDED: The place also has... Continue Reading →

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