Orto (イタリアンキッチンオルト) is one of many good Italian restaurants in the Minamiboso-Tateyama area. Located just off the bypass in a unique yellow building with circular windows, Orto provides quality foods in a pleasant atmosphere for a reasonable price. Stepping into the small, intimate restaurant feels like entering another world, with its cozy decor and large... Continue Reading →

Cafe Polaris

Cafe Polaris カフェ・ポラリス Photos by Amy Conley © Polaris is a haven for any cafe-lover. They have tasty food, amazing and fresh coffee from around the world, and most importantly a very friendly and talkative staff. I would live there if I could. Highlights: Polaris has about 30 types of coffee beans from around the... Continue Reading →


Hacci ハッチ HIGHLIGHT: This restaurant is a hole-in-the-wall located behind Yawata Shrine in a quiet residential district. Their kitchen is equipped with a stone oven where they bake their pizzas (although sometimes the oven seems a bit too hot). They also have a good variety of pasta. The place is known for their pork cutlet... Continue Reading →


Sakagura 栄蔵 HIGHLIGHT: Although it is smaller, this yakiniku place has tastier meat than the big chain restaurants. It also offers cool almost-frozen beers along with many types of mixed drinks, sake, and shochu. The best part is that you can enjoy your meat without smelling like it all night. Their grills have fans built... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Yamaguchi

Restaurant Yamaguchi レストラン やまぐち HIGHLIGHT: Enjoy individual dishes or a course meal at this quiet French restaurant tucked in the residential area of Tateyama City. From the outside the restaurant looks a bit hard to find, but there is a small sign marking their parking lot across the street. There are different price levels and courses,... Continue Reading →

Senya Yosaburo

Senya Yosaburo 千屋与三郎 HIGHLIGHT: Have some Kansai-style casual food at this small eatery. Their takoyaki octopus balls and okonomiyaki savory pancakes are fluffy, but the wait is long so don’t come extremely hungry. They also have some less well known but locally loved dishes like dashi-takoyaki, a Kobe style of takoyaki that’s served dipped in... Continue Reading →

L’Espoir – CLOSED

**THIS RESTAURANT IS NOW CLOSED** L’Espoir レスポワール HIGHLIGHT: Enjoy “galettes,” a crispy French buckwheat flour pancake garnished with assorted ingredients. Choose combinations like blue cheese and walnuts or fresh ham and eggs which the French owner-chef will then cook for you. You can also choose from an assortment of crepes for dessert or a sweet cocktail. RECOMMENDED: Get one of... Continue Reading →

Oyatsu Marche

Oyatsu Marche おやつマルシェ HIGHLIGHT: “Oyatsu Marche” means “snack market,” and that’s exactly what it is. The shop’s main specialty are Liege-style sugar waffles that you bite into like a cookie. You can have them fresh at the shop, perhaps drizzled with some ice cream. Otherwise, they are also delicious to eat at home after sticking... Continue Reading →


CAFE TSUMUGI カフェ ツムギ HIGHLIGHT: Claim one of their many sofas and relax at this laid-back cafe located right by the beach and Tateyama Bay. Their menu includes the standard cafe drinks as well as gelato and a dessert of the day. Their food menu includes many spicy dishes, like Thai green curry, Indian kima curry,... Continue Reading →

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