Hana Souhonten

Hana Souhonten 波奈 総本店 HIGHLIGHT: This sushi and Japanese seafood restaurant offers many dishes made from items caught locally. In addition to extremely fresh nigiri, you can also get specialties that are more local, like namero (spanish mackerel tartare flavored with miso) and whale sashimi (served with garlic or ginger paste.) RECOMMENDED: Sit at the... Continue Reading →

Italia Shokudo

Italia Shokudo イタリア食堂 HIGHLIGHT: This cozy restaurant serves great Italian pasta, pizza, and more, all made with local Chiba ingredients. For instance, try their soramame (broad bean) fettuccine with ham, or their shirasu (young sardine) and seaweed pizza. The interior decor is cute and cozy. You can choose a set price menu for dinner with... Continue Reading →

Hana no Kura

Hana no Kura 華の蔵 HIGHLIGHT: This ramen shop has two locations, both of which are very popular amongst locals. Their serving size is quite hearty and is sure not to disappoint. Meanwhile, their broth uses a combination of both fish-based and meat-based soup. (Chikura location) HOURS: 11:00am~2:30pm Closed Fridays (except for holidays; then closed Thursday... Continue Reading →

Kamome Grill

Kamome Grill かもめグリル HIGHLIGHT: This restaurant, conveniently located right next to JR Tateyama Station, has simple but solid dishes such as curry, spaghetti, and beef stew. Most dishes use locally grown products, such as Tateyama-raised pork and Tateyama-grown vegetables. The restaurant even produces their own herb salt and salad dressing, both made using locally grown... Continue Reading →

Shiroyama Park

Shiroyama Park 城山公園 DO: This park located on a hill offers everything from flowers, peacocks, a castle, children’s park and more! Though the walk is a bit steep, it is very well worth climbing to see the view of Tateyama Bay (and Mt.Fuji if you’re lucky) from the peak. The winding landscape is decorated with narcissus flowers,... Continue Reading →

El Parque

El Parque エルパルケ *PERMANENTLY CLOSED* HIGHLIGHT: This small taco stand located on the edge of Arks Mall offers flour tortillas, quesadillas, burritos, and more. These simple staples of Mexican-American food are made fresh by the owners who lived overseas for over 20 years. During their time abroad, the husband worked at a Japanese food restaurant... Continue Reading →

Awa Yawatan Machi Festival

Awa Yawatan Machi Festival 安房やわたんまち(鶴谷八幡宮例祭大祭) DO: This is the largest event hosted by the Tsurugaya Hachiman-gu Shrine, located in the heart of Tateyama. The festival also involves ten smaller and larger shrines all located in the area. Each shrine brings their mikoshi portable shrines and dashi pull carts to race against each other and parade... Continue Reading →

Tateyama Bay Fireworks Festival

Tateyama Bay Fireworks Festival 館山湾花火大会 DO: Come out for Tateyama’s main event of the summer! Watch fireworks light up Tateyama Bay as they are shot off boats and out of the waters of the bay itself. Pick any spot on the beach to watch, as the show can be viewed from any point along the... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking イチゴ狩り DO: There are many, many facilities that offer strawberry picking in Minamiboso City and Tateyama City. Japanese strawberries are grown with great care, which shows in their perfect shape, juicy taste, and fragrant smell. Eat them at their ripest by paying for a 30 minute all-you-can-eat strawberry picking session. It makes for... Continue Reading →

Daifuku-ji Temple: Gake no Kannon

Daifuku-ji Temple: Gake no Kannon 大福寺:崖の観音 DO: See the amazing view of and from this temple built right into the slope of a cliff. Daifuku-ji is better known as “Gake Kannon” (goddess of mercy of the cliff) amongst locals. The red structure jutting out from the rocks overlooks parts of Tateyama City and Tateyama Bay.... Continue Reading →

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